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Enchanting Learning Cards Nestled in the woodland

About us...


We are a family run business with creative education at the heart of everything we do. We're a family of educators, creatives, engineers, business leaders, scientists and sociologists. We are based in the Cotswolds, England and adore our surrounding countryside! The name ( The Phive ) stands for the five of us as a family and is spelt with a 'Ph' to reflect our passion for everything phonics related! 


Zoe Duff - Founder of The Phive and Creator of Phonics Cards

Zoe is our founder and uses her extensive experience as a primary school teacher and literacy specialist to create the  products and services we have on offer. Her passion lies in creating meaningful and memorable learning experiences for children to ignite enthusiasm and build confidence.

Liv Duff - Product Designer of Phonics Cards
Kate Parker - Illustrator of Phonics Cards

Liv is a professional Graphic Designer and Zoe's eldest daughter! She has a BSc in Product Design and a Masters Degree in Digital Advertising. Liv works the magic with everything graphics and works hard to make Zoe's ideas come to life.

Kate is a freelance illustrator and is very much part of our team. Kate studied for her illustration degree in Bristol where she now lives and works. Kate has the perfect style for us and makes everything that little bit more magical!

Hand drawn bluebird

Customer Reviews

`customer feedback
Customer Review of Phonics Cards
5 star customer review of Phonics Cards
5 star Customer Review of Phonics Cards
5 star Customer Review of Phonics Cards

"I'm so excited to receive these beautiful learning cards. I cannot wait to let my students imaginations run wild with the exquisite artwork. I'm already thinking up stories in my head!"
Juliet - Tutor (Ages 6-10)

"My daughter is using these beautiful phonics cards and they have sparked her imagination and creativity beyond my expectations! So much so, that she wants to create a writing club at school!"
Vicki - Mum to Jasmine, Age 9

These learning  cards don’t only look magical, they work like magic too. Having been busy with them for only a couple of days now, I can honestly say they have brought a sense of true joy to our phonics journey. Kiki is picking things up so quickly now and has already made incredible progress with her phonics! They are not only a great help to my daughter, they also are so useful to me as a ‘teaching’ mother. I didn’t really know how to go about helping her to learn to read in a fun and constructive way before I got this set. Zoe is so incredibly helpful when I have questions, which brings great added value. I can not recommend The Phive highly enough. Thank you for turning phonics into such a positive and fun experience for us. "

 Iris  - Mum to Kiki Age 5

Bluebird illustration

" It's like when you have a teacher at the front of the class and she's holding something very precious and you want to get your hands on it and touch it...the learning cards are so detailed, they make you want to look at them for a long time. When you're looking, you're getting the detail out of them to write down!" 
William -Student Age 10

"The children quickly became engrossed in the story lines, and our youngest loves sounding out the letters on the phonics cards and the nonsense words!"
Lucy - Mum to children age 10, 8 and 5

" If we were teaching right now, these cards would be a must have!"
Ali & Michelle EYFS Conslutants.

" We are having loads of fun with them (the learning cards) , I can really see how they'll grow with her too and I imagine she'll be using them for several years time just in a different way. The teacher in me very much approves of them!"
Amy - Mum to Tilly Age 5 and Primary School Teacher.

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