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3 Reasons Why Creative Learning is Important!

Updated: Feb 28

Creative learning opportunities spark enthusiasm, boost confidence, and develop key areas such as emotional development.

When children are presented with ideas that they engage with, and opportunities that spark their imagination and grab their attention, they are going to be more immersed in what they are doing, stay longer with the activity and get more out of it.

We often think about the things children 'need' to learn and present them with paper-based tasks or memory based ‘test style’ activities that can really switch them off or knock their confidence. The last thing we want is children switching themselves off to learning and just plodding through a task to get to the end. Learning will not be embedded with tasks that are flat, uninspiring or slightly anxiety inducing!

Aim to present your children with more creative learning opportunities that get them fired up, let them use all of their senses and give them materials that inspire.

The letter a drawn in flour for phonics play.
Learning Through Creative Play.

Read on the learn about 3 reasons why creativity is key for: Boosting Confidence, Emotional Development and Motivation.

Boosting Confidence

A creative learning style can be beneficial for boosting confidence in children because it allows them to explore and express themselves in unique ways. When children are given the opportunity to think outside the box and approach tasks in their own way, they are more likely to take ownership of their learning and feel a sense of accomplishment. Creative activities can often evoke emotions which, when explored and shared, can help children to understand and communicate their thoughts and feelings, their self-awareness and self-esteem. Creative learning encourages children to take risks, try new things, and make mistakes without fear of failure, which is a great way to build confidence. Once that confidence is riding high, we can build on that with growth mindset activities to positively frame mistakes as great learning opportunities. A boost of confidence can start a great journey into a positive outlook on learning.

Boosting Emotional Development

Tasks that are framed in a fun and creative way provide children with a means to explore and express their emotions uniquely and imaginatively. Through creative activities, children can emotionally mature gaining a deeper understanding of their own thoughts and feelings and how to manage them. Illustrations and creative prompts can allow children to communicate their feelings more effectively by giving them a starting point; a springboard to explore their own creativity in response to what they see, hear or read. Again, creative learning tools and activities promote a safe environment for children to take risks and try new things, which can help to build resilience and emotional intelligence. Failing at something in a relaxed environment is a brilliant way to explore the power of making mistakes.

Boosting Motivation

Creative learning opportunities can boost children's motivation for learning by providing them with a more engaging and interactive experience. More open-ended and self-chosen activities allow children to approach problems and tasks in their own way, encouraging them to think critically and find new solutions. This can help to increase their interest and engagement in the learning process, leading to a greater motivation to learn. Creative learning opportunities often provide an opportunity to play, explore, and experiment with new ideas, which in turn builds positive links with learning.

Head to our Creative Learning Page for some great activities to approach seemingly dry tasks in fun and creative ways.

Our Enchanting Learning Cards are designed to support the practicalities of learning phonics, reading and writing in a creative and inspiring way. The cards are designed to last beyond the early stages of reading as a great tool to support and inspire creative writing.

One set of cards will give years of creative learning opportunities. Find them here!

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