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Who is the founder of The Phive?

Updated: Mar 8

This is me, Zoe...

There’s a lot to tell and I won’t do it all in one sitting …a bit about how it all started I think!

My career as a teacher came after my three daughters arrived and a previous career working for large brands such as Coca-

Zoe Duff, Founder of educational company The Phive.

Cola. I met the love of my life very young, and we’ve navigated the world together ever since and have created our team of five …The Phive.

While living abroad in Belgium, my passion for teaching began to emerge and I created weekly pre-school classes in our home for our friends and neighbours with small children who had English as one of their languages. The classes had a weekly theme and covered arts and crafts, early reading skills, drama and the very roots and shoots of phonics which was, at the time, in its infancy.

On returning to England, following the arrival of our third daughter and lots of volunteering in our local primary school, I finally added to my Education Degree that I’d completed back in the day, with my Qualified Teacher Status. Fast forward 17 years filled with teaching, subject leadership, senior leadership, mentoring and most wonderfully, supporting hundreds of children and their lovely families, I left school teaching and built my own tutoring firm with some wonderful colleagues who joined me on my journey.

The Phive Tutoring was a wonderful business for 3 very tricky years of my life that saw me lose both my parents within months of each other and of course a pandemic. As with so many people, lockdown guided me to think about what it is that I really wanted, what was it that now made me tick and buzz?

That ‘thing’ was the product that I had in my mind for years. That product was born out of wanting children to have the very best learning experiences so that they continue to be motivated and confident enough to want to learn for life.

Creating our Enchanting Learning Cards is a whole new blog post. A story of passion, vision, learning from mistakes, and finding the right people to make my dream an actual thing that I can now hold in my hand. A whole new story…

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