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Everything you need to give your child an  incredible boost for reading, writing, vocabulary, and creative thinking.


The Set 1,2 & 3 Bundle Includes:

  • The 78 sounds needed to understand phonics and support reading development
  • Hand hand-drawn illustrations with words to represent each sound
  • Two sets of practise words (real and pseudo) on every card ( almost 1000 words)
  • 78 memorable 'mind hook' phrases with capital letter teaching included in Set 1
  • 78 enchanting story/conversation starters


With a combination of unique imagery and dynamic learning opportunities, our Enchanting Learning Phonics and Storytelling Cards - Sets 1,2 & 3 are a must for the forward-thinking home or classroom looking for a high-quality multi-functional alternative to a flashcard.


    See our Customer Reviews section!


    As a teacher and mummy, I am so impressed with these cards! They have been so well thought out and beautifully designed. What I love about them is the many different options they give you, sound recognition, cvc word practise, story starters and so many conversation prompts. I wish I’d had them in my past reception class, I would highly recommend to any teacher or parent! Clair Henneby

    Enchanting Learning Cards Sets 1,2 & 3 Bundle

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    • Our beautiful packaging is designed to make little fingers itch to see what’s inside for an enthusiastic start to any activity


      • All 78 phonics sounds needed for reading & writing 
      • Hand hand-drawn illustrations 
      • Example words to represent each sound
      • ‘Stars and wiggles’ to show how words are broken down into sounds
      • Two sets of practise words (real and pseudo) 
      • A memorable  'mind hook' phrase
      • Alliteration rhymes (SET 1)
      • Capital letter teaching ( Set 1)
      • Enchanting story/conversation starters
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