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The next magical set of multi-use learning cards designed to ignite children's imaginations and enthusiasm to support them creatively on their reading and writing journey using phonics and storytelling.


Set 2  includes these sounds:



  • Easy to use & multi-functional beyond phonics
  • Award winning & expertly designed
  • High quality & sustainably focussed
  • A lasting investment in creative learning



Enchanting Learning Cards consist of three sets giving you the full range of phonics needed to complete your child’s journey to successful reading and writing along with multiple story prompts and illustration stimuli to support vital language skills and creative writing right through the primary years.



Suitable from Age 3 for home and school use.


See our Customer Reviews section!

My daughter has these beautiful cards and it’s ignited her love of creative story writing! She has struggled in the past with phonics and these have really helped. You can really feel the love and experience that has gone into each and every card. I really do recommend these cards to anyone with children. Ashley Mead

Enchanting Learning Phonics and Storytelling Cards - Set 2

SKU: 0002
  • Our beautiful packaging is designed to make little fingers itch to see what’s inside for an enthusiastic start to any activity.


    Set Two comprises of 4 instruction cards and 26 learning cards containing:


    • The next 26 phonics sounds needed for early reading
    • Hand hand-drawn illustrations
    • Example words to represent each sound
    • ‘Stars and wiggles’ to show how words are broken down into sounds
    • Two sets of practise words (real and pseudo)
    • A memorable  'mind hook' phrase
    • An enchanting story/conversation starter
    • Includes the following sounds: ch,ck,ll,ff,ss,zz,th,sh,ng,nk,ai,ee,or,igh,oa,oo,oo,ar,ur,er,ow,ea,oi,ear,air,ure
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