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Storytelling with your child can deepen their appreciation and awareness of language and broaden their view of the world. Using imagination and playing with ideas can help to make children more accepting of differences and more open to challenge and change.

Storytelling is vital for the development of your child's imagination. 

How Does Storytelling Help?

Storytelling poster about the benefits of storytelling.
Poster about the benefits of storytelling.

A deepening appreciation and awareness of language comes as a result of the structure of a story. Making decisions about characters, deciding their names and traits all involve decision-making and discussion. While storytelling,  a child is making all sorts of decisions such as what noise the pink woolly mammoth makes and what he likes to eat. Storytelling helps children to explore their own language in a safe and fun way.

With regular storytelling practise, confidence builds and the imagination becomes limitless. Other storytelling decisions such as where stories are set and where characters come from help children to think about and describe the world around them. This is a golden opportunity for parents or those supporting the story to talk about their experiences of the world. 

Mum storytelling with child using a puppet.

How do our products support storytelling?

Enchanting Learning Cards are also storytelling cards...the illustrations combined with the story starters or discussion prompts give parents and children or teachers and classes to explore their imaginations with a lovely creative prompt.

Girl in a field of daffodils with learning cards.

We believe storytelling is something we should all do to keep our imaginations alive and feed our creativity!

Our cards are suitable from age 3, a great time to start storytelling, creating characters and using exciting language to boost verbal skills. The learning cards then last until around age 10 for children who need something to support their ideas for independent writing. But the cards don't then need to be out in a drawer, keep them out for impromptu storytelling sessions for all the family. 

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