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Our designs and their impact on the planet is important to us...

The Phive Logo.


Huge amounts of time, energy and passion goes into developing our products to the highest standards and we are proud to bring you the highest quality and uniqueness. Our partners are carefully chosen and their processes are monitored to ensure every step is as ethical and sustainable as possible. 

All papers and cards are responsibly sourced with FSC certification and are fully recyclable. Laminates are biodegradable and inks are vegetable-based and fully vegan. Our Box Maker donates all the offcuts to local primary schools in Cornwall for craft projects... we love this so much!


Nature and nurture logo.

We have to get our products to you and that damages the planet therefore it is vital to us that we give back and strive to limit our carbon impact on our planet. We currently partner with a local enterprise called nature and nurture who plant trees and re-wild within west Oxfordshire.  for every purchase of any product, we will plant a tree on your behalf. Once a year, we will literally get our shovels out and dig along with Nature and Nurture -  now that's a partnership!

Our designs mean the world to us and remain the intellectual property of The Phive. We would be devastated to think that someone would steal our images or designs but we are fully protected if this should ever happen. 

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