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Award Winning Creative Learning Tools


Our 2023 festive bundle is now live! Shop for our
Creative Writing Bundle Bag today!

The home of Enchanting Learning 

Our Enchanting Learning Cards for reading and phonics, Creative Writing Books and Prints provide a magical learning experience, designed to ignite enthusiasm and wonder while learning to read and write. Our expertly designed products are created using sustainable materials and processes and are built to last as they grow with your learner's needs. 

An enriching investment in your child's learning journey.

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Phonics Cards showing a lighthouse and the under water themed display box.

"The cards are just magical, opening the box and feeling the cards was a very special occasion..."

Lucy - The Phive Customer.

"Magic in a box! The cards are beautiful and nothing like other learning cards and games we have for our daughter. Stunning illustrations and so much to do to help build her confidence with reading and writing... We've even made up a few stories! Thank you!"


Laura M, The Phive Customer


For Homes and Classrooms

Three sets of learning cards for reading and phonics include 78 digraphs that represent the 44 phonemes in our language. Our products are designed to work alongside any phonic scheme being used by schools and nurseries.

Young boy with his teacher using Phonics Cards
Planting a tree for every set of learning cards sold.

Our products are FSC-approved and made in the UK using vegan inks and biodegradable laminates. Packaging is also recyclable and sustainable! For every product purchased, we plant a tree here in the UK by our partners; Nature and Nurture.

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