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Illustration Inspiration for Learning.

Updated: Mar 8


We take the greatest care to produce the most inspiring illustrations for learning as we possibly can, here's a bit about why and how.

Founder of The Phive holding her horse card.

A bit about the illustrations designed to capture imaginations.

Many of our learning cards’ illustrations are based on our family memories and meaningful experiences. Read on for a little inside info…

The /ea/ Leaf learning card is a nod to my ( Zoë) time spent living in Canada as a small child, the /d/ dogs card is an illustration of Otto & Dougal, our doggos, and the /th/ thistle card features our family McDuff tartan ! There are many more and lots of little mentions of our loved ones too… Victoria on the /u/ umbrella card is my best friend of 35 years and Carter who is mentioned on the /ear/ spear card is an incredible young man who we are very lucky to know. All of the family children feature and my gorgeous godchildren too.

The pony featured on the front of the /or/ horse card is Orinoco. My parents were not really wealthy enough to pay for the upkeep of a pony but they somehow did it and I was the overjoyed and very proud owner of this gorgeous and loyal Palamino pony, Orinoco who I’ll always remember with love.

We’ll write more soon about how Liv, Kate and I work together to produce the finished product and the lovely intuitive link between us all. ♥

Zoë x

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