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Child holding up the /s/ phonics card.


Are you a part of a school, nursery or home-school group? We'd love to provide the most engaging and inspiring learning tool class packs to make lessons and sessions flow beautifully and in line with your chosen curriculum.

founder standing infant of shelves

"Teaching and leading primary literacy for the past 20 years has shown me that creative and imaginative learning opportunities are vital to successful outcomes."

Zoe Duff, Founder of The Phive 

The Phive have combined their creativity, passion, expertise and experience to bring you their Enchanting Learning range of cards, books and prints to support a range of literacy-based learning needs across four key stages. 

Girl sorting though phonics cards.

Phonics & Storytelling Cards

child golding story writing cards.

Story Creator Cards

Storywriter's book being read by boy.

 Storywriter's Books

Child's finger pointing on woodland print.

 Prints & Accessories

"Oracy is a key focus for us next year and we'll be using our Enchanting Learning cards across the school to boost skills."  

J.Brierley, Assistant Head Teacher - Crowdys Hill Schoo

Enchanting Learning Phonics & Storytelling Cards 

Diagram showing how to use phonics cards.
Enchanting Learning Cards

With 78 graphemes across all three sets, this multi-functional tool will complement any phonics scheme already in place. The flexibility of the cards means they are additionally useful from EYFS for developing oracy skills, early reading and writing skills into KS1 through to creative writing into KS2.  Age 3-11

Available as a school/home-school bundle of 3 sets including a FREE Woodland Alphabet Print.

Phonics and storytelling cards featuring the queen card.

Enchanting Learning Phonics and Storytelling  Cards - Set 1 

 26 Learning Cards and 3 Instruction Cards containing:

- 26 'Flash Card' style graphemes

- 26 Lead words broken down into graphemes

- 26 Illustrations 

- 26 Story starters

- 26 Alliteration rhymes

- 26 Opportunities for capital letter teaching 

- 150+ Real words for activities

- 150+ Pseudo words for activities


Set One contains the following sounds:


Phase 3 digraphs appear in Set 2 in order to accommodate the capital letter teaching in Set One.

Sign for schools shop.

 Enchanting Learning Phonics and Storytelling  Cards - Sets 2 & 3

 26 Learning Cards and 4 Instruction Cards containing:

- 26 'Flash Card' style digraphs/trigraphs

- 26 Lead words broken down into graphemes

- 26 Illustrations 

- 26 Story starters

- 26 'Mind Hook' phrases

- 150+ Real words for activities

- 150+ Pseudo words for activities

Set Two contains the following sounds: 


Set Three  contains the following sounds: 



Set two phonics cards showing grapheme

EYFS Curriculum Links

Through conversation, story-telling and role play, where children share their ideas with support and modelling from their teacher, and sensitive questioning that invites them to elaborate, children become comfortable using a rich range of vocabulary and language structures.  – EYFS Framework

Set three phonics cards and box.

KS1 Curriculum Links

Teachers should ensure that their teaching develops pupils’ oral vocabulary as well as their ability to understand and use a variety of grammatical structures, giving particular support to pupils whose oral language skills are insufficiently developed.

-UK National Curriculum

Three sets of phonics cards.

 Speak for Change Report 

Speak for Change reports a call for the status of oracy in education to be raised, suggesting a need for a shared expectation that oracy will be taught in all year groups and a clear learning progression to be provided.

Kathy Ewers -Juniper Education

Enchanting Learning Story Creator Cards

Creator Cards

Enchanting Learning Story Creator Cards  - The Kingdom

School Packs - Available in packs of 5

Sets of 30 inspirational cards containing all the ingredients needed to boost confidence and ignite enthusiasm for story writing. The perfect tool to creatively guide children towards the level of detail and structure needed to raise attainment and progress.


Suitable from KS1 - KS3  these cards are beautifully presented and are created using eco-conscious methods and materials to give high-quality, lasting support for creative classroom practice.  Age 6-12

KS2 Curriculum Links

In years 3 and 4, pupils should become more familiar with and confident in using language in a greater variety of situations, for a variety of audiences and purposes.

During years 5 and 6, teachers should continue to emphasise pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of language, especially vocabulary, to support their reading and writing.

-UK National Curriculum

Enchanting Learning Story Creator Cards contain:

~3 instruction cards | 30 Creator Cards

~ 30 Captivating Illustrations 

~10 Character Creation Cards

~10 Enchanting Settings Cards

~10 Magical Objects Cards

~Questions for writers to ask themselves to get ideas flowing

~Ways to introduce parts of the story

~Ideas for magical powers

~Plot twists

~Over 300 challenging adjectives and adverbs to stretch and build vocabulary

Unicorn card from story creator writing cards.

Enchanting Learning Storywriter's Books
The Kingdom & The Ocean

Storywriter's Book

School Packs - Available in packs of 5

Beautifully presented creative writing and illustrating books designed to boost enthusiasm, confidence and imagination. A magical way to show writing progression across the year! Uniquely designed by an expert in creative learning and available in two themes: The Kingdom & The Ocean.

Size: A4

Suitable for KS1 & LKS2 ~ The perfect way to show writing progression over a year

  • 15 Story planning pages to guide creative ideas and the planning process of writing.

  • 15 hints of an illustration to be added to, from dragon tails to mysterious woodlands.

  • 15 Story titles to inspire and 15 story prompts for a magical helping hand.

  • Describing ingredients to support description.

  • 15 story spaces, each 4 pages long with space for drawings and writing.

  • Spare pages if the tale continues ...

Pair of story writing books.

N.B Please remember to add the name of your school, establishment or home-school group when purchasing.

    Free Activity Ideas!
   Click below to access ideas PDFs for a range of activities covering each age and stage.

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