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Storywriters books stacked together.

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Enchanting learning Storywriter's Book - The Kingdom

Book for story writing.
Boy reading his story writer's Book.

Welcome to The Kingdom, the first edition of our uniquely designed writing book for children age 6+.  Each of the 15 beautifully presented story spaces offer hints of an illustration, a title suggestion and a story prompt to get going. All 122 Pages of they A4 book are luxuriously thick with dot matrix planning pages in the centre of the book where children can store all their ideas and inspiration for characters and plots.

Our beautifully presented writing book is designed to both ignite enthusiasm for creative writing and support reluctant writers who struggle to create longer stories with descriptions and plots. Bringing characters and settings to life is a wonderful way for children to escape into their own imaginations without the worry of 'screen -time'.

Enchanting learning Storywriter's Book - The Ocean

Ocean themed story writing book.

NEW! Welcome to The Ocean, the second edition of our uniquely designed writing book for children age 6+.  With the same layout and aim as The Kingdom book, this latest edition features 15 story starters and illustrations all based around nautical adventures!

                                                                    The Detail

  • 15 Story planning pages to guide creative ideas and the planning process of writing.

  • 15 hints of an illustration to be added to, from dragon tails ( The Kingdom) to shipwrecks ( The Ocean).

  • 15 Story titles to inspire and 15 story prompts for a magical helping hand.

  • Describing ingredients to support description.

  • 15 story spaces, each 4 pages long with space for drawings and writing.

  • Spare pages if the tale continues ...


These books have been carefully designed as a lasting keepsake for families to look back on as a window into their child's imagination when they were young. 


Watch our film for a walk through these beautiful books.

Boy writing in his storywriter's book.
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