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Storywriter's Book - The Kingdom/The Ocean

School Pack of Five

A set of 5 beautifully presented creative writing and illustrating books designed to boost enthusiasm, confidence and imagination. The perfect addition to your school year to show progression in writing.


" I can honestly say the book has reduced screen-time in our home. She grabs it time and time again! It's truly the gift that keeps on giving. She is doing 'homework' without even realising and her writing and spelling skills have improved tremendously!"

- Iris De Kan


Size: A4

Suitable for KS1 & LKS2.


Expertly designed story writing books with your child's growth in mind, these 122 - page, A4 books contain:


  • 15 Story planning pages to guide creative ideas and the planning process of writing.
  • 15 hints of an illustration to be added to, from dragon tails to mysterious woodlands.
  • 15 Story titles to inspire and 15 story prompts for a magical helping hand.
  • Describing ingredients to support description.
  • 15 story spaces, each 4 pages long with space for drawings and writing.
  • Spare pages if the tale continues ...


Choose your book theme:  The Kingdom or The Ocean




Safety Notice: This book is not a toy and not suitable for use by children under the age of 6. Although professionally bound according to approprite standards, the spine is made of recycled metal and if pulled apart could be a danger to small children. 



Schools Pack of 5 Story Writing Books .

  • We design with the planet in mind and pledge to always put the planet and people we work with first. Our cards, books and  prints are printed near to our home in Oxfordshire. For manufacturing, we use small business who also have robust sustainability policies.

    • Plant based inks
    • Recyled binding material
    • Responsible manufacturing waste handing 
    • FSC approved papers and cards

    We are a small business with big dreams of one day becoming a certified B-Corp business which means starting as we mean to go on!

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