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Enchanting Learning Story Creator Cards  - The Kingdom

School Pack of 5 Sets.

Our school packs of inspirational story writing cards containing all the ingredients needed to boost confidence and ignite enthusiasm for story writing. The perfect tool to creatively guide children towards the level of detail and structure needed to raise attainment and progress.


Suitable from KS1 - KS3  these story writing cards are beautifully presented and are created using eco-conscious methods and materials to give high quality, lasting support for creative classroom practice. 


See 'What's in the Box?'

School Packs of 5 Story Writing Card Sets

  • Enchanting Learning Story Creator Cards contain:

    3 instruction cards

    30 captivating illustrations based on an Enchanting Kingdom including:

    10 Character Creation Cards

    10 Enchanting Settings Cards

    10 Magical Objects Cards

    Questions for writers to ask themselves to get ideas flowing

    Ways to introduce parts of the story

    Ideas for magical powers

    Plot twists

    Over 300 challenging adjectives and adverbs to stretch and build vocabulary

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